During the COVID-19 pandemic, people turned en masse to technology to stay connected when it was no longer safe to gather in person. For seniors, using technology to stay connected became particularly important, especially for those in assisted living communities who could no longer visit in person with family. However, the benefits of staying in touch with technology is not just for crisis situations. Technology can instantly shrink distance and allow loved ones to see each other face-to-face, no matter how far apart they may be physically. There are many things that seniors can gain from staying connected through technology, but it is also not without its obstacles. Here is a closer look at the advantages—and the challenges—for seniors of using technology to stay in touch.

Advantage: Connect Over Distance

Whether the distance between seniors and their loved ones are created by emergencies like the pandemic or family members are simply spread out across the country, technology can bridge the gap. With technology, seniors don’t have to rely on just hearing voices over the phone, but can actually see the faces of their loved ones on the screen. This can be a great way for seniors to watch grandchildren grow and feel the connection that comes with seeing loved ones’ faces and expressions during conversations.

Challenge: Learning Curve

There will be a time when seniors are as tech savvy as younger people, because they’ve spent their whole lives using those tools, but for now, most seniors face a steep learning curve when adopting new technologies. The good news is that there are multiple services available that are designed with seniors in mind to help them learn to navigate the technology they want to use. During the transition to becoming familiar with the technology, however, it’s common for seniors to feel frustrated.

Advantage: Mental Agility

The learning curve that comes with technology use may initially be frustrating, but it has its advantages. Taking on new challenges and learning new things is a great way to maintain mental agility. Even when seniors know the ins and outs of the tools they’re using to stay connected, the practice of using them helps boost brain power. As an added advantage, once seniors learn how to use technology to stay connected, they may feel more confident in using other kinds of technology that keep their minds active, from online classes to digital games.

There’s a lot for seniors to gain from using technology to connect with their loved ones. At Arizona Homestead, our assisted living homes in Tucson are designed to further foster connection and community for seniors. You can find out more about our levels of care and homes by visiting our website, or by calling us for more information.

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