Spotting Signs That Your Loved One May Need Assisted Living

As your loved ones age, it’s normal to be concerned about their health and ability to take care of daily tasks. While most people expect to help their elders occasionally with strenuous or difficult chores, sometimes an older person’s need for help exceeds the family’s ability to provide care. When a decline is gradual, some of the signs that more care is warranted can be easily overlooked. Has your loved one recently had a greater need for help around the house or with personal care? Families often come together to help take care of these tasks; however, assistance that feels minor and temporary at first can quickly grow into larger, permanent issues. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, but when older adults can no longer care for themselves, assisted living provides a compassionate, safe option.

At Arizona Homestead, we work with older adults and their families to help determine the level of care a person needs. We offer three levels of care to provide appropriate daily assistance, from minimal help to specialized care for those with cognitive and memory issues.

Has Your Loved One Fallen Several Times?

Frequent falls pose a serious problem to any older adult, and some seniors may have reduced balance, flexibility, and strength as a consequence of aging or injuries. Medications, like those commonly prescribed for high blood pressure, may cause dizziness. Additionally, many people have homes full of tripping hazards, like throw rugs, pets, and power cords. All of these circumstances can lead to falls and serious injuries. If your loved one has recently started falling more at home, it may be time to discuss moving into assisted living. At Arizona Homestead, our staff can assess fall risk and take action to help prevent falls and injuries. Contact us to learn more about the care we provide.

Are Existing Medical Conditions Becoming Worse?

Degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s tend to worsen over time. Conditions that once could be managed at home may begin to present increased problems that can’t easily be handled by family. If you’re struggling to help an older loved one who is suffering from deteriorating medical conditions, consider how assisted living can help. Having professional help available around the clock can help seniors and their families feel supported and safe.

How Well Does Your Loved One Handle Daily Activities?

Have you noticed your older loved one neglecting their personal hygiene? Are they able to drive to the grocery store, shop, and prepare healthy meals? Can they keep their home clean? Are they handling their personal finances without issue? If you notice that your loved one is experiencing difficulty with these activities, it may be time to consider talking to them about transitioning into assisted living. In an assisted living facility like Arizona Homestead, we help with everything from bathing to meal prep.

If you’re considering moving a loved one into assisted living, we invite you to contact us with questions, or schedule a tour of one of our homes in Tucson.

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