The holidays are a special time to celebrate with your loved ones, but when a family member is living in an assisted living facility, it can be tough to find ways to make the season even more meaningful. 

First, plan ahead! Holidays can be especially stressful for those in assisted living, and having a plan helps create structure and reduce anxiety. Know the facility’s visiting guidelines ahead of time so you can plan your visit accordingly. Once you have your plan in place, it’s time to get creative and make the holidays special.


Decorate Their Room


Holidays are all about celebrating with decorations and festive colors. Bring in a vase of flowers, hang up some holiday cards, or string up lights around your loved one’s room. Even something as small as decorating their windowsill can create a sense of cheer and warmth during the holidays.


Bring Holiday Treats


Treats are a must on any holiday. Bake something special like your loved one’s favorite cookie recipe, or pick up a box of chocolates from their local store. Holidays are all about savoring the little moments and indulging in yummy treats.


Organize a Holiday Party


If your family member is allowed to have visitors, organize a small holiday gathering in their room. Invite close friends and family members to share stories, sing carols, and exchange gifts. Holidays are all about spending time with the people we love most.


Bring a Sense of Home


Holidays can be especially difficult for those living away from home. Bring photos of your family and a piece of your home décor to help create a sense of familiarity. Holidays are all about making memories, no matter where we’re located.


Play Holiday Music


Nothing quite sets the mood like some holiday tunes. Play a CD of your loved one’s favorite carols or bring in a radio and tune into their local station. Holidays are all about spending quality time together with music that brings joy to our hearts.


Create a Video With Friends and Family


Sometimes, your loved one may not be able to have many visitors. In this case, create a video with friends and family members to share special messages of love. Holidays are all about expressing our appreciation for one another, even if we can’t be in the same room.


See If the Assisted Living Facility Is Hosting Holiday Events


Check with the facility to see what holiday events they may be hosting. Holidays are all about coming together as a community, and many assisted living facilities offer fun activities for their residents. Visit these events with your loved ones and help them engage with their community.


Make the Holidays Special at Arizona Homestead


At Arizona Homestead, we’re dedicated to making holidays special for our residents and their loved ones. With our beautiful recreation spaces, delicious meals, and engaging activities, you can rest assured that your loved one will be well taken care of during the holiday season. 


Holidays bring joy to those we love most, and at Arizona Homestead, we’re here to make sure that happens. Contact us today for more information about our holiday activities and events!


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