Did you know that falls are a leading cause of serious injuries in older adults? There are several factors that contribute to the risk of falls for seniors, including changes in physical strength and mobility, use of certain medications that can affect balance or wakefulness, and the environment where seniors live. When your loved one moves into an assisted living community like Arizona Homestead, you can rest assured that they will have a lower risk of falls thanks to various home modifications in their living spaces as well as preventive action like medication management.

If your elderly loved one is still living indeāpendently or at your own home, take the following steps to help them reduce their risk of falls.

Stay Active

It’s common to categorize elderly individuals as frail and fragile, but seniors can and should take part in regular physical activity to stay fit—with their doctor’s okay, of course. Low impact activities like walking, riding a recumbent bicycle, or water-based workouts are great for managing weight, maintaining strength, and improving balance and coordination. For some older adults, activities like weight training, yoga, and Pilates may be appropriate as well, but it is ideal to work with a physical therapist or personal trainer to ensure proper form and safety.

Remove Hazards Around the Home

Tripping hazards are common in most households. Regular clutter, bulky furniture, stray power cords, and loose area rugs can all lead to falls that are more likely to cause serious injuries in older adults. A clean and tidy living space can go a long way for fall prevention. Modifications like hand railings, non-slip mats in the kitchen and bathroom, and bath seats can fortify your fall prevention plan even further.

Install Walkway Lighting

Seniors tend to experience changes in their vision as they get older. Pair this decline in visual acuity with frequent nighttime trips to the bathroom, and you have a recipe for disaster. Adding walkway lighting, including sensor-activated hallway, bathroom, and bedroom lights, can help elderly adults avoid tripping on objects throughout the home.

Utilize Medication Management

Medication management is a common service in assisted living facilities that ensures proper dosing of medication each day. However, even outside of assisted living environments, you may benefit from automated devices that dispense medications at specific times. This can prevent accidentally missing doses or taking too many doses of a particular medication, which may impact balance, coordination, and spatial awareness.

In some cases, alternative medications may be available if your elderly loved one experiences side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, or brain fog from a particular prescription.

Know When It’s Time to Transition to Assisted Living

Even with the best measures for preventing falls at home, fall related injuries still pose a risk. If you are having difficulty maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your elderly loved one, it may be time to consider the transition to an assisted living community.

Arizona Homestead offers various levels of care to our residents, who enjoy spacious and comforting living spaces in our Tucson residential communities. We strive to raise the standards of excellence in all aspects of assisted living while providing our residents with the attentive care they need to age gracefully and safely.

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