If your senior or elderly loved one resides in an assisted living home, it can be challenging to express your affection and appreciation in a way that really gets through. And with the holidays swiftly approaching, it’s more important than ever to show your loved one you care. Try these tips from Arizona Homestead to effectively express your love to your senior and elderly family members.

Go for a Visit

It may seem like a no-brainer, but making the time to visit your elderly relatives is one of the most effective ways to express your love. A phone call every now and then is nice, but a physical visit goes the extra mile and also allows you to spend time with your loved one. You’ll make happy memories while also showing your relative how much you care.

Share Memories

Many of our elderly residents greatly enjoy reliving fond memories. Bring your loved one a special scrapbook or photo album that includes images of their favorite times, like a wedding day, grandchild’s birthday, or past holidays. Go through the photos with them and talk about each memory.

Comfort is Key

Keeping your loved one comfortable is another great way to express your dedication. Cold, unfriendly spaces can contribute to depression and dour moods. Brighten up your loved one’s space with fun decor, or bring them items to make their living area more comfortable. Examples include blankets, throw pillows, slippers, and plush bathrobes. Whenever they use one of these items, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtful contribution.

Keep an Eye on Their Health

Just like your elderly loved one used to look after you as a child, now is the time for you to look after them. Keep an eye on your loved one’s health and physical condition. If you notice that something seems to be going wrong, you can fix the problem right away. Senior family members can keep issues to themselves for fear of placing an additional burden on their caregivers, so being proactive will keep them healthy and happy.

If your senior or elderly loved one is ready to transition to an assisted living facility, Arizona Homestead can provide a vibrant, caring community where they can thrive. For more information on our caring community, call (520) 245-7881 send us a message ,or schedule a tour of our beautiful facilities here .

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