The decision to move your loved one from independent living into long-term assisted living is a difficult one, and you shouldn’t feel that you have to make it alone. You can discuss the decision with family, friends, a social worker or senior care advisor, and a representative from the assisted living facility. If your loved one is able to be a part of the conversation as well, you should absolutely include them every step of the way, in order to make the transition easier for everyone involved.

Does Your Loved One Need Help With Basic Tasks?

If your loved one is having difficulty completing basic household tasks like cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, bathing, dressing, and/or caring for pets, then it may be time to consider moving them into a long-term assisted living facility. The experienced caregivers at Arizona Homestead can help your loved one with all of their basic, everyday chores and tasks. They can make sure that your loved one receives the level of care and assistance necessary to ensure their health, safety, and happiness. If your loved one can manage household chores and cleaning but not meal preparation and laundry, we can provide those services for them. We are more than happy to work directly with you and your loved one to determine the level of care that they need.

Are You Worried About Your Loved One’s Safety?

A lack of mobility, dexterity, or cognition can impede your loved one’s health and safety. If you have been worrying about your loved one having a fall when no one is around to help, moving them into long-term assisted living may be the answer. At Arizona Homestead, we can help remind your loved one to take their medications at the appropriate time. We can also provide transportation to doctor’s appointments and the pharmacy. We are always on call for assistance if your loved one has a health issue, scare, or fall. We can also help your loved one with daily tasks to reduce the likelihood of accident or injury.

Could Your Loved One Benefit From More Socialization?

Another wonderful benefit of a long-term assisted living facility is socialization. Your loved one will have the opportunity to take classes, go on supervised field trips, take part in group activities, and socialize with others their own age. If you’re worried about your loved one being lonely or depressed, they can make new friends at a long-term assisted living facility.

At Arizona Homestead, our goal is to “raise the standard of excellence in all aspects of assisted living care.” All of our caregivers are certified in supervisory, personal, and directed care and can provide quality of life management, medication management, safe work practices, and memory care. We also provide specialized care for residents diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or stroke. To learn more about how we can help you and your family with assisted care, call us at (520) 245-7881 or contact us online.

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