It’s not always easy adapting to having a loved one in assisted living, especially on birthdays. This significant time typically involves coming together as a family to honor your person’s special day. While moving to an assisted living facility marks major changes in your loved one’s life, happy moments like birthdays can continue to be celebrated as they always have been, albeit with a few adjustments. Below, we’ve detailed the top tips for celebrating birthdays in assisted living.

1. Take Your Loved One’s Needs and Wants Into Account

Maybe your family member suffers from health complications or is still adapting to life in assisted living. It’s important to check in on their needs before planning a big event. While your intentions are certainly good, this day is about them, so talk to them about their desires before scheduling that surprise party.

2. Reserve a Room

You don’t have to party in a cramped bedroom on this special day. When it comes to birthdays, the more the merrier. Speak with a caregiver to reserve a space for you and your guests to celebrate.

3. Plan Activities

Birthday parties are often thrown in specific locations, like bowling alleys or restaurants. If you’re celebrating in an assisted living facility, try hosting a fun game to spice things up. Bingo, trivia, and charades are all great options to get everyone involved and have fun. Of course, consider your loved one’s preferences.

4. Bake With Love (and Precaution)

Maybe it’s a tradition in your family to bake a certain kind of cake on birthdays. Keep in mind, now that the party has shifted to an assisted living facility, your loved one or their friends may have dietary restrictions. Before you give the green light on your sweet of choice, be sure to check that everyone is in the clear.

4. Choose a Theme

To make your loved one’s day more personalized, consider picking a theme for the party. This could range from their favorite decade to a book or movie or even a holiday. You can plan costumes, music, decorations, and games accordingly.

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