When your loved one is residing in an assisted living facility, it can be difficult to show how much you care during the holidays. And when it comes to gift-giving, it’s unlikely that your elderly loved one will require a new pair of high heels or a modern gaming console. This upcoming season, brighten your relative’s mood with a thoughtful and personalized gift that will remind them of your love and appreciation.

Memory Lane

Many elderly residents love to reminisce about their youth and days past. Try assembling a scrapbook or photo album that contains all of your loved one’s favorite memories. You could include images of their wedding day, family vacations, or even past holidays to remind them of the happy times you’ve shared. Personalize the gift with handwritten messages or colorful stickers for a special touch.

Sweet Treats

Sharing a favorite snack or meal with your loved one can make for fond holiday memories that will last a lifetime. If your loved one is unable to leave their facility, ask if you can bring the ingredients and prepare the food with your loved one by your side. If you’re not much of a cook, simply give the recipe to the culinary staff. Your loved one will appreciate the experience and the thought you put into your visit.

Arts and Crafts

Most of our residents love to fill their free time with crafts and hobbies. If your loved one is a bookworm, the latest novel in their favorite series is sure to make for a comfy afternoon of reading. Get your grandmother a new skein of yarn in a cheerful color for her knitting basket, or buy a jumbo book of crosswords for your great-uncle who loves to fill out the New York Times puzzle. Every time your loved one enjoys their hobby, they’ll be reminded of your affection and love.

Comfort and Joy

Even in Arizona, the winter months can prove to be quite chilly. Help your loved one bundle up with a cozy blanket, warm slippers, or a plush bathrobe. Your gift will help your loved one stay comfortable and keep them warm on cold December nights.

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