Greetings From Bryan,

Wait a minute! We just don’t like to hear that do we? Wait till I get there. Wait until Christmas. Wait for the light to turn green. What are you waiting for? No matter the context, waiting implies that action is ceased and nothing moves forward. For those of us who are of the “ready, fire aim” crowd, waiting is probably the hardest thing to do even if we don’t know what to do.

When I was talking to my family about this topic my dad gave me a great acronym for Wait. Why Am I Talking?” Now wait for that to sink in…. How often do we blurt out our opinions or thoughts with little thought to those we are speaking to? I know I am guilty of saying a lot more than I hear.

Recently I sat at the table with one of our residents to chat for a few minutes about the weather and such. I asked a few questions but as usually is the case, I was in a hurry to get to the next appointment or task. As I quickly excused myself from the conversation, she said to me in a rather disappointed tone, “Why do you have to go? You just got here.”

Our relationships with friends and family are often put aside as the busyness of life keeps us hurrying along “doing, doing, doing.” We all need to Do the things we do, but take some time to “wait” in your conversations this summer. Maybe you will learn something and appreciate your loved ones a little more.

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