Don’t let your mental health slip due to COVID-19. This pandemic has hit a lot of people very hard, and can be especially difficult for those in an assisted living facility. However, living in an assisted living facility also comes with distinct advantages over living alone. Read on to discover some tips and tricks on how to maintain your mental health during this difficult time.


One of the best parts of living in an assisted living facility is that you have friends right down the hall. Take advantage of one of the many activities and social events we put on here at Arizona Homestead.

We know that it can be distressing not being able to see your family or loved ones due to the pandemic. That’s why we try to help you build relationships right here in the facility. We have residents with all different interests and backgrounds. If you get out there and start chatting, we’re sure you will find your people in no time.

Get Outdoors

Getting enough fresh air is a crucial part of maintaining good mental health. We have beautiful courtyards at our homes, filled with fruit trees, flowers and fountains. Birders can rejoice because we’ve placed bird baths and feeders around our grounds. Take a walk and spot beautiful species you’ve never seen before.


Exercise is important for people of any age. But as you get older, it becomes even more important to exercise to maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints. Some of the best exercises for seniors include yoga, walking, and Tai chi. You want to choose exercises that get your heart rate up without putting too much pressure on your body.

Turn Up the Music

Music is very important to us here at Arizona Homestead. We believe that the right music can lift people up and spread joy even on dark days. We often crank up the oldies or have live music performances right here in our facilities.

Call Loved Ones

Even if you can’t see your family right now, staying in each other’s lives is still important for your mental health. You’ll always feel better after connecting with a loved one. Schedule regular video calls with your family so you can stay in touch during this time. Our staff can help you set these up if needed.

At Arizona Homestead, we care about our residents and their mental health. We try to do as much as possible to make sure our residents are happy and healthy. Are you interested in learning more about life at our Southern Arizona facilities? Please give us a call at (520) 245-7881.

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