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I’m kinda late with a Happy New Year post but my wish for you is sincere:) Here is my news letter for January.

Owning a business is a blessing. It provides me an opportunity to generate income, a context to work together with my family, and a freedom with my time. I have enjoyed all of these since I have been in business and I rarely think of doing anything else. I say rarely because being in business can be a difficult road. There is a potential to lose money, the paperwork and administrative duties can be overwhelming and that “freedom with my time” often means I am still working after 10 pm and on weekends just to keep it going. That 9-5 can be appealing, but for now I am content.

Whether you are in business or work as an employee your work demands the very best you have. I want to encourage you to give the maximum effort to your work this year. Your supervisor, your clients, your employees, and your own family will benefit as you give yourself to excellence in all you do.

I am in awe as I watch our caregivers day in and day out bring a faithful commitment to the loving care of our residents. I hope you enjoy the following Pics from our December Celebrations. At Arizona Homestead we are committed to raising the standard in all aspects of assisted living care, and our staff exemplifies that commitment.

Available Rooms

at Arizona Homestead

I look forward to the fruit that our work will bring in 2019 and I pray that you will be filled with blessing this year.

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.”

Winston Churchill

What a great Team!

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